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Misdiagnosis Claims

Claims for Misdiagnosis

Our expert misdiagnosis solicitors will not only fight for justice on your behalf but will also be on hand to offer advice and support throughout your case.

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What are misdiagnosis claims?

A medical misdiagnosis can happen when your GP or another healthcare provider offers an inaccurate or delayed diagnosis. While diagnosing certain conditions may pose challenges, it’s the responsibility of the treating clinician to thoroughly consider all possible causes for your condition and to take appropriate steps to confirm or rule out potential diagnoses. In situations where certain conditions share similar signs or symptoms, a “differential” diagnosis is often necessary. With years of experience in handling various aspects of misdiagnosis claims, our medical negligence solicitors possess a unique understanding of this field. 

Misdiagnosis Claims

What are the most common causes of misdiagnosis claims?

Our experienced legal team has skilfully handled numerous misdiagnosis claims. As misdiagnosis solicitors, our responsibility to champion the justice you rightly deserve after enduring pain and suffering due to medical negligence.

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Over the years, we have settled many medical misdiagnosis compensation claims. Claims we have handled include: 

  • Cancer Misdiagnosis 
  • Delayed Diagnosis 
  • Complete Misdiagnosis 

Misdiagnosis can manifest in several ways, but some common occurrences include: 

– Misinterpreting or inadequately assessing test results 

– Pregnancy-related misdiagnoses 

– Failure to diagnose fractures, such as missing a fracture during imaging tests like X-rays or MRIs 

– Conducting insufficient tests and investigations into the patient’s symptoms 

– Allowing a serious illness to progress unchecked or without proper identification 

– Prescribing incorrect medication 

– Misinterpreting or inadequately assessing test results 

– Failing to consider alternative or differential diagnoses adequately 

– Delaying treatment due to misdiagnosis 

Each misdiagnosis claim presents its own set of circumstances. When a person’s complex and unique medical history is involved, these types of claims can be particularly challenging. That’s why it is important to seek guidance from medical misdiagnosis solicitors who have first-hand experience in handling the complexities of such claims.

What are the symptoms of medical misdiagnosis?

The consequences of medical misdiagnosis can be overwhelming. Misdiagnosis can result in pain and suffering for months, or even years following the misdiagnosis. Often there can be an impact on the person’s wider family network and caregiving requirements too. Some of the impacts include: 

Cancer misdiagnosis can result in patients receiving incorrect cancer treatment, which could cause the cancer to spread further. Grading cancer incorrectly could have a negative impact on the person’s prognosis – potentially reducing their life expectancy. Patients may even receive treatment for cancer when it wasn’t required, meaning their initial illness may not have been correctly treated – and they may have suffered surgery or invasive cancer treatment that wasn’t required. 

Pregnancy-related misdiagnoses may result in harm to the mother or unborn baby, particularly in cases where early signs of infection are overlooked. 

Failure to diagnose fractures can adversely affect treatment outcomes, prolong recovery time, and in some instances, lead to serious complications. 

Prescribing incorrect medication may result in the worsening or prolonging the ailment. There may also be negative responses to the medication, that could have been avoided.  

Delaying treatment due to misdiagnosis, can lead to conditions worsening or potentially spreading further around the body.

How are medical misdiagnosis treated?

If medical misdiagnosis is promptly corrected, then the fast action of a treating clinician could put a stop to the condition worsening. But in cases where conditions are misdiagnosed and go unnoticed for a lengthy period of time, more serious treatments may become necessary. 

For instance, if conditions like cancer are misdiagnosed, additional treatments or surgeries may be needed. Similarly, surgeries may be necessary if fractures are overlooked and the limb heals improperly, or if a diagnosis is delayed to the point where more invasive interventions are warranted. 

Incorrect medication prescriptions can also lead to further complications, and patients may require further alternative medicines or treatments to counteract the incorrect prescription. 

In the case of pregnancy misdiagnosis, a mother may require various treatments; such as medication and surgical interventions. The baby may also need to be closely monitored, and signs of significant birth injury may become apparent once the infant is born.

Can I make a claim for misdiagnosis?

If you or a loved one has endured harm due to being misdiagnosed by a healthcare professional, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for misdiagnosis. Contact our experts today for a free assessment of your case and find out whether you have a claim.

How much time do I have to make a medical negligence claim?

As a general rule, you typically have a three-year window from the “date of knowledge” to file a claim for misdiagnosis. The “date of knowledge” is when you first discovered or became aware of the misdiagnosis. While some individuals may realize the misdiagnosis immediately, others may take longer to acknowledge it. It’s essential to understand that the three-year timeframe starts from the date you first became aware of the error, not when it occurred. 

If the person affected by the misdiagnosis was under 18 at the time, the deadline extends to three years from their 18th birthday (i.e., their 21st birthday). Additionally, if the individual lacks mental capacity, there is no time limit for filing a claim. 

If in doubt, please speak with our misdiagnosis solicitors, who can offer advise specific to your experience.

How much does it cost to make a misdiagnosis compensation claim?

If you experience a misdiagnosis, we understand the concern about legal expenses. At Fletchers, we consistently apply a ‘No Win No Fee’ approach, ensuring that misdiagnosis cases are no different. 

Once your claim is approved, our skilled legal team will actively advocate for your case, as we firmly believe in providing everyone with fair legal representation. 

In the event of a successful outcome, a small percentage will be deducted in line with our initial agreement, established at the outset of your claim.

Why choose Fletchers? 

Choosing Fletchers means choosing a dedicated team of medical negligence solicitors. Our misdiagnosis experts have successfully handled hundreds of claims just like yours. Ranked among the leading lawyers for medical negligence and personal injury in the UK, we pride ourselves on providing a personal service. 

The Legal 500 Directory 2024 highlights our “commitment to using technology effectively and offering a supportive, client-focused approach.” 

Fletchers is your trusted partner, ensuring you’re not alone in seeking justice. 

Misdiagnosis Claims

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Misdiagnosis Claims

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