Editorial Guidelines 

Fletchers Editorial Guidelines

Fletchers Solicitors are authorised and regulated by the authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). All content is signed off by our subject experts; which includes content professionals, legal experts and our compliance team (where appropriate). This ensures our content meets the high standards set by the SRA.

Our stance on AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated content

Although we acknowledge the potential benefits of AI-generated content for certain sectors, our dedication lies in crafting authentic content without relying on AI-generated text. We prioritise the trust our clients place in us to provide accurate insights into suitable legal representation. We also believe that the expertise of our lawyers, greatly outweighs the benefits that AI generated content can bring. Therefore, we ensure our content is carefully researched and authored by our team, with scrutiny from subject-matter experts in their relevant fields; such as personal injury law, medical negligence law, or court of protection.

Principles and values

We prioritise embodying our principles and values in every piece of content we produce. Accuracy is paramount; our dedicated editorial specialists meticulously examine information to guarantee its relevance and precision. Moreover, inclusivity is integral to our culture; we adhere to best practices, striving to make our content accessible to diverse audiences. Transparency highlights our approach; by consistently citing sources, we foster trust and provide full disclosure to our audience, affirming our commitment to honesty and integrity.


At Fletchers, adherence to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Code of Ethics is non-negotiable. It’s the cornerstone of our operations, guiding every decision and action we take. We hope this ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of all aspects of our work.

Editorial Process

At Fletchers, we are meticulous and precise in our content creation, and our process is underpinned by a thorough four-step editorial process:

  1. Our content is researched and shaped by our content and subject matter experts.
  2. Each piece is proofed and checked over for accuracy by our senior editorial team.
  3. Where required, content is further overseen by our legal professionals and/or our legal compliance team.
  4. Regular reassessment of our content ensures ongoing relevance and accuracy, with prompt updates and corrections as needed. This maintains our commitment to excellence.

Content updates and corrections

Our dedication extends to continuous content refinement, ensuring readers access the latest accurate information. Any necessary corrections are promptly implemented. We also value reader input, and therefore encourage the reporting of potential errors to marketing@fs.co.uk; fostering a collaborative environment where we can create accurate content together.

Editorial Team

Our content specialists are experts in their field. They also work closely with our legal experts, which means that they actively produce detailed, precise content which is in-line with our values. Selected for their expertise, our content specialists uphold our quality standards, ensuring users access the best information possible, at any one time.

Quality Standards

Every article on our site undergoes rigorous review, aligning with our commitment to accuracy, inclusivity, and transparency. Our editorial team carefully ensures adherence to these principles, guaranteeing the reliability of the information presented.

Fact-Checking Process

Our content writers conduct thorough research, relying on reputable external sources, and the expertise of our lawyers for our online content. After drafting, our editorial team meticulously verifies all information. Subsequently, our legal team conducts a final review to uphold our stringent quality standards, ensuring excellence in every piece.


Our content relies on board-certified experts and esteemed research institutions’ websites, coupled with peer-reviewed studies and academic journals. Each link within the content directs to its respective source, underscoring transparency and properly acknowledging the originators of the information.

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